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Learning organizations lead the way in every industry. Our research-based approach guides you to make the best training investments for your culture. Our experts curate targeted learning experiences designed to develop your leaders and teams in the areas that are holding you back.

We listen to your needs to create a facilitated immersive learning experience that targets the exact challenges your organization faces every day. Reduce the harm by resetting the standard; develop your team personally, professionally and as leaders. We go beyond information, allowing leaders to practice what they have learned while receiving feedback and coaching.

Benefits of working with us


Relevant content applicable to today


Streamline learning content & experiences


Customize contents for organizational objectives


Gather staff suggestions for corporate growth


Improve organizational value and culture

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The Academy of Being ℠ is designed to help associates and leaders develop personally, professionally, and as leaders. The signature programs can be delivered through huddles, classes, lunch and learns, off-sites, or virtually. Each series includes educational and real-world examples of The Five Irrefutable Rules for Human Interaction ℠  — and are outlined as follows:

PERSONAL: Discovering The Leader in Me 

Discovering the Leader in Me is (DTLIM) is a leadership development experience that will help participants examine workplace culture and influences, and examine human motivation, while learning two of our company's foundational conceptions: The Culture Equation℠ and The Five Rules for Human Interaction℠.

PROFESSIONAL: Commanding My Career

Commanding Your Career is (CYC) is a professional development experience that will cause participants to analyze their professional identity, values, personality, and more. Participants then use this information to explore their professional motivations, and how they can maximize themselves within your company.

LEADERSHIP: Engaging Leaders in the Workplace Series

Part 1: In In Engaging Leaders in the Workplace (ELITW), participants will explore employee engagement, workplace culture, and methods to combat workplace disengagement through group exercises, written activities, open conversations, and examples they may experience in the workplace.

Part 2: In Mastering Personality and Bias in the Workplace, participants will understand how they engage with others by default and how others may interpret it. Through group exercises, participants will know how to leverage the strengths of their personalities and the personalities on the teams they work within. Participants will become familiar with unconscious and implicit bias and participate in open dialogue about the effects bias has on working relationships and the culture. The group will explore strategies for improvement personally and professionally. 

We offer leadership development through customized 
learning experiences on topics such as:

+Understanding the People and the World Around You
+Discovering the Leader in Me 
+Engaging Leaders in the Workplace
+Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
+Unconscious Bias
+Being Intentional
+Accountability and Engagement
+Personal Accountability
+Planning for the Future
+Building Meaningful Relationships

Topics are often delivered through:

+Micro-learning and huddles

+Offsite intensives

+Leadership orientations

+Ongoing trainings and development

+Periodic guest speakers




Mildred Black

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Katherine Waldon

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Quanedra Gibson

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Dr. Kenya Goodson


Client Reviews

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According to Gallup, Millennials are the least engaged generation in the workforce. A staggering 55% are not engaged while 15% of those are actively disengaged. They also change jobs more often than other generations, as 21% of Millennials report switching jobs within the last year and 62% are open to a different opportunity. Turnover is costly, and millennial turnover, in particular, costs the U.S. economy an estimated $30.5 billion annually.

The Academy of Being Fellowship was created by People Optimum Consulting founder, Mildred Black, as a strategy to directly combat the concerning level of early-careerist disengagement.

The Academy will maximize the growth of students, the future of the workforce, in three areas:

The multi-semester fellowship will nurture excellence in participants by developing their practical skills.

The Academy of Being Fellowship provides some of the brightest students with career exposure and hands-on experience in the consulting field.

Acceptance into the Academy is based on:
academic excellence
passion for advocacy
financial need.

Academy Fellows serve as interns, and their responsibilities will primarily consist of content development and managing projects that fulfill People Optimum’s mission: creating better human connections.


The Academy of Being Fellowship introduces a diverse group of students to the challenges affecting employees, employers, and workplaces, in general, by assessing prevalent challenges and finding solutions for several industry leaders.


In addition to their responsibilities, Academy Fellows undergo direct leadership and career development by participating in several of People Optimum’s signature programs: Discovering the Leader in Me, Commanding Your Career, and Engaging Leaders in the Workplace. Completing these programs gives Academy Fellows insight into leadership, human psychology, real workplace scenarios, and the foundational principles that People Optimum utilize in their teachings.

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