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Disengaged employees cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity. That’s why we balance experienced, tacit knowledge with a fresh perspective to help you get to the root of your most challenging workplace problems and find solutions that work best for you.


what our clients say

"I think the training and development were exactly what we needed, and I think it will help us to level up our skills in our interactions with our teammates. I really appreciate what we saw today."

Mercedes Road and Rail

Our Mission

People Optimum Consulting exists to develop humans in the workplace and create meaningful workplace cultures, through comprehensive assessments, facilitated learning experiences, management consulting, and community partnerships. 

Through a practical and research-based framework, we help transform your organizational culture using our signature Five Rules for Human Interaction℠. We prioritize every human’s purpose, and as a result of that, benefit the well-being of the organization as a whole. We believe in creating a culture of being, not just a culture of doing.

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Meet the Team



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  • Mildred Black is the Founder and CEO of People Optimum Consulting, a minority-owned and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with over 20 years of Human Resources experience. She specializes in people+culture transformations, facilitated learning experiences, and leadership development. She has helped thousands of leaders with strategy, labor law, diversity equity & inclusion, leadership, and workplace nuances.

  • She spent 15 years as a top Human Resources executive for large, public, and private sectors. She led organizational initiatives to enhance employee experience, communications, technology, organizational development, and operational performance. She has partnered with Fortune 500, high-tech, and publicly traded organizations, such as Mercedes-Benz, Amazon, Stride, Galvanize, Allstate, Target, Centene, and many other international, domestic, and non-profit organizations. Mildred was a featured co-author and Amazon #1 Best Seller in the book Speaking My Truth. She is a member of The John Maxwell Team and SHRM Recertification Provider.

Marketing and Opportunities Developer
Lexie Riggins

Lexie supports People Optimum Consulting by helping grow the company with finding new opportunities, researching leads, and establishing relationships with potential and current clients. She also manages all marketing and communication materials, such as the People Optimum social media accounts, website, and client deliverables.


In conjunction, she coordinates with the Solution Specialist and CEO to help create the most optimal people+culture solutions for their clients. This involves planning and attending client workshops, community service events,  focus groups, and other experiential learning encounters. 

Lexie is an Alabama native. She is currently working toward earning her degree from The University of Alabama’s Accelerated Master’s Program in the Advertising and Public Relations Department. She is involved on campus with the Blackburn Institute, Public Relations Council of Alabama, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Community Cultivation Project where she serves local non-profits with free public relations work. 

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Solutions and Operations Developer


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Within People Optimum Consulting, Raqir primarily functions as a content developer. In this role, he helps People Optimum through the research and development of subject material, identifying potential education opportunities, and implementing new information into content. In accordance with this work, he collaborates with the Marketing Specialist and CEO to develop the most optimal people+culture solutions for their clients.

These collaborations involve planning, attending community service events, hosting focus groups, and meeting with local community leaders. Aside from solutions development, Raqir also supports People Optimum with various operational matters, including meeting with the appropriate financial parties and maintaining the financial documents received. 

Raqir is a Tuscaloosa, Alabama native. In 2018, he graduated cum laude from Morehouse College and received his Bachelor’s degree in English. He is currently involved with the Tuscaloosa Diverse Business Council and he volunteers at the West Alabama Animal Shelter in his spare time.

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