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People + Culture Consulting


Ready to overcome the behaviors that lead to undesirable outcomes like turnover, poor performance, risky behavior, absenteeism, and more?


Culture Care

Our objective is to empower HR and ER leaders with human-centric, research-based solutions to improve the quality of human interactions in the workplace.

We do this through:

  • High-touch, 1-2-1, measured engagements to gain qualitative insight

  • The Five Rules Survey℠ to gain quantitative insight

  • Collaboration with your team to develop a customized People+Culture Solution that is right for your organization.

The Five Irrefutable Rules for Human Interaction 

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The Five Rules for Human Interaction℠ equip people with the tools and language to decrease harm and increase kindness in the workplace. These 5 rules create the acronym, HEART, which is a research-based approach to improving the quality of human interactions. These principles are the driving force of the services we provide.

The Five Rules Survey℠ measures the quality of the employee experience with others. We help measure and monitor the way your employees feel about the human interactions in the workplace culture and point you to the behaviors that need to change the most.

The Five Irrefutable Rules for Human InteractionAsset 38GRAPHIC.png
  • Demonstrate Honor: Honor is the regard and esteem we show for a person, place, or a thing and the reward for good works, expression of this value or reward.

  • Show Empathy: Empathy is the discipline of seeking to understand and identify with how another person feels.

  • Engage with Authenticity: Authenticity is about being the same inside and out, acting in ways that reflect values and holding fast to those values regardless of circumstances, honest in interactions.

  • Exercise Resilience:  Resilience focuses on responding to adversity and failure in a productive way by coping, reframing, learning from, overcoming, and moving forward; bounce-back.

  • Think Transformation:  Transformation happens with time but how we manage and respond to change determines the condition of relationships on the other side of the change.  Since change is inevitable, you must learn to embrace it, expect it and understand that you have the power to impact positive and dramatic change in a person, place, or thing.

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